Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Fun Stuff Blogging

As the "world's largest goal-setting community" you may already use 43Things to maintain your personal 'bucket list', but if haven't done so yet, you should check it out. It really is a positive place! 43Things is a different kind of social network where members list their goals, share their progress, connect with others with the same aspirations and cheer each other on. Members are limited to a list of only 43 goals which encourages you to discover what's most important to you and focus on completing each item on your list. You might also want to try 43Places -- a community for travel enthusiasts.

Do you use 43Things? What's top on your list of goals and/or places to visit?


  1. 43 things seems like an awful lot of goals to have and I have never thought of that many but it seems like a really great thing to do. I think I will start a list tonight.

  2. Hi Jaclyn,
    43 does seem like a lot but I found that within a few minutes I had about 25 things on my list. I'm a list fanatic who loves to cross things off, but after browsing the site, I found that there's more to it than a place to record your personal list of things. Reading other people's goals, progress and achievements is a great motivator and the supportive community is refreshing too. Cheers!

  3. Thanks Bridget! I look forward to starting my list and I thing the first thing on it will be to pass Anatomy and Physiology!