Thursday, March 26, 2009

Discussion Forum Perks

Kaitlin, an ELI student, has never been one to say much in the classroom. It was hard for her to get the courage to answer questions and to contribute to discussions. She prefers to have time to think about what she wants to say. Often by the time she practiced what she wanted to say in her head and got the nerve to speak out, the class had moved on to another discussion. However, now that she is taking ELI courses, she is able to be more involved. She feels confident to share comments and to participate in the discussion forums because she has time to think about the questions, reflect on the other students’ responses, and provide her own thoughtful feedback.

What are some of the ‘perks’ you’ve experienced taking ELI courses?

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  1. I like that I can do everything from home and when I have the free time after work.