Thursday, March 12, 2009

Welcome to ELIfe!

You're probably here because you are an ELI student who received an email from the Director of ELI (that's me!) announcing the launch of the new ELI Student blog, ELIfe. Welcome!

I hope you like the blog's name. If you were a student with ELI last semester, you may remember that we had a contest for students to name the blog, then let faculty and staff vote on the 42 (wow!) nominated names. ELIfe, nominated by ELI student James Ward, was the clear winner.

This blog is for you. We at ELI want to have as many ways as possible to reach out to our students and to let you know about all the resources and information we have to help you do your best in your ELI classes and your studies at NOVA overall. We'll have lots of different ELI faculty, staff, and students writing posts for the blog--maybe I'll even ask you to write one!--so there will always be something new to check out.

Please keep on coming back. Read the posts, check out the websites we suggest, add comments to share your thoughts and questions, and take the polls we post. Everyone at ELI is excited about hearing what you have to say!


  1. Is there any significance to the number 565 at the top and upper left side of the screen?

    And I'll look forward to seeing updates. I hope they are frequent.

  2. I was wondering if anyone would notice the 565! The significance is only to the person who designed the blog template, not to me or to ELI. When you set up a blog in Blogger (Google's blog service, which I used to set this up), you choose from a number of existing designs (color scheme, fonts, where each element of the page sits, etc.). The designer who created the template I used has created two different templates, and he or she calls each one by a code number (and puts that code number into the design). So, the 565 designates the design I used. I have no idea what it refers to for the designer, though!

  3. Has anyone taken Calculus as an Eli course? I'm taking Pre-calc right now on campus, and I prefer to watch the DVDs that correspond to the book for each section for my lessons instead of going to class. I feel I get a better understanding. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?

  4. Hi Kasey! Great question. It sounds like you know your learning style well. If you learn well from watching videos, some of our ELI math classes might be perfect for you. I hope that some students will see your question and post their experiences taking calculus at ELI.

  5. Kasey, I took Calculus as an ELI course and really enjoyed it. Like you, I found the DVDs at the end of the book very helpful and learned well from reading through the chapter. I did get the optional student solutions manual when I took the course and it was an invaluable tool to allow me to self-check my work at the beginning of the course.