Thursday, May 21, 2009

ELI Tip #3: Check Your Deadlines!

One of the most common problems students run into when taking ELI courses is that they assume all online courses are self-paced. So, they take their time and may wait months before getting started, expecting to complete all the course work at the end of the enrollment period--only to find out that their professor has withdrawn them for not meeting course deadlines!

Don't let this happen to you. It is very important to understand that all ELI courses have deadlines by which you must meet certain requirements (such as logging into your course Blackboard site for the first time or completing a certain number of assignments by a certain date). And, many ELI courses have regular assignment deadlines each week!

Be sure that you read through your course syllabus very carefully to understand all the deadlines that apply to your course. Keep your eye on any emails from your professor or announcements your professor posts in Blackboard. And don't hesitate to ask your professor a question if you're not clear on what is due, when. The deadlines are there to help make sure you make steady progress and really learn your course material well--and the first step toward that goal is making sure you understand that the deadlines are there and plan ahead to meet them.

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