Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Graduation Day

Today is NOVA's Commencement ceremony (in other words, graduation). Congratulations to all of you ELI students who are graduating today! And for those of you who aren't quite there yet--keep on going! Take it one course at a time, and you'll be there soon!

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  1. Our Commencement ceremony is available to watch through Blackboard (Bb). If you were in the ceremony you can see yourself walking across the stage and shaking hands with President Templin or you may view any other part of the ceremony. You may also want to check it out if you’ve never experienced a NOVA graduation. Following are the steps to view the video:
    Log into Bb (http://learn.vccs.edu)
    Go to the Video On Demand Section
    Select TV Center Public Videos
    Select Public Videos

    Enjoy! ~lo