Sunday, June 28, 2009

ELI Tip #4: Use the Course Information Pages

Students often call ELI before their classes begin, asking how to get information about course textbooks and course content in advance of the start date. It's a great idea to get as much information as you can before the course begins--but as most ELI students know, ELI courses are usually not visible to you in Blackboard until a few days before the course begins (and sometimes not until the actual start date).

But don't worry! You can still find out lots of useful information about your course before you can view the course in Blackboard. ELI provides basic information about each course we offer--including the required textbooks (so you can order them early), basic course description, types of assignments included, and instructor name and contact information--on our Course Information Pages. Just go to the ELI website, click "Course Description" on the right, and then click on the correct discipline (English, Economics, Math, or whatever). Find your course in the list and click "Description," and you'll have lots of useful information to tide you over until the course officially begins.


  1. You can also find out what books you need for your course by going to the ELI online bookstore. You can find the bookstore by going to this website:

    From there you click on the Campus Bookstore Link. Once the bookstore opens in a new window (or tab) select your term, course, and course number on the bookstores main page.

    I did this for all my ELI classes. I copied the ISBN numbers of the books I needed then hunted online for the best price I could find. Sometimes the best price was through the book store but most often I got my books on eBay with plans to resell them on eBay when through with them.

  2. The ELI online bookstore is another great resource. Thanks for sharing!