Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cool Technology Tool: Picasa Web Albums

We do it all the time - go somewhere special with someone special and take special photos. And then they sit in the camera until they have to be deleted to make room for more or, worse yet, on your hard drive on your home computer until they get lost among thousands of other files.
Google has an answer to your problem – Picasa Web Albums! You don’t have to download anything, not even Picasa. All you need is a Google account to log into

Simply upload your photos to a FREE online album. You can give the album a title, provide a description and make it public, unlisted or require a sign-in to view the photos. You can have multiple albums in your account – one for your vacation to the beach, one for your daughter’s soccer games and another for the family reunion in Nebraska. When you are ready, you can share the URL for the web albums with your family and friends and all the photos will be in one place. If your album is public, a search may turn up others who are interested in your photos or you can search for photos of your next vacation spot.

So, don’t be afraid to take those photos. Keep a record of your fun and experiences. Picasa Web Album makes it easy to store & share your photos.

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