Sunday, July 19, 2009

ELI Tip #6: ELI staff are here to help!

If you are having a problem with an ELI course, or are just confused about what to do or how to get started, please don't forget that ELI staff are here to help you! There are three easy ways to get in touch, and you can find them all by visiting the ELI website. (We suggest that you bookmark this site so you can easily find it later!)

In the left-hand column, you can find the ELI Hotline phone number (answered Monday-Saturday), a link to our online chat (also available Monday-Saturday), and a link to email us your question. So, pick your preferred way of communicating, and let us know how we can help! The sooner you get in touch and let us know your question or problem, the sooner we can help you resolve it so you can get back to learning.

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