Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are You a Good Notetaker?

Taking good notes on class lectures is really important for your learning, since professors use lecture time to clarify difficult concepts, emphasize the most important material, give helpful examples, and bring the subject matter to life so you'll better remember it. This is true in your online courses as well, since many of them include podcasts, narrated PowerPoint presentations, videos, or live lectures that you need to take notes on!

If you could use some tips on taking good notes, check out this quick list of tips, or this one. Also, if you have not yet taken SDV 100 (College Success Skills), you might consider taking that course as well. It will help you improve your notetaking skills as well as teaching you lots of other vital information you need to do your best in college! SDV 100, a one-credit class, is available every semester through ELI as well as on the campuses, and is required for many NOVA degrees. Take it early on in your time at NOVA to get the most benefit from it.


  1. I really enjoyed taking the SDV100 course and I especially liked the section on Note taking. I work full time and spend several hours a day in meetings. The note taking section of the class provided great information on different note taking styles and really help me to organize notes and write the notes clearly. It has really helped me in my coursework at school and has helped me a great deal in the workplace. I am now the official Meeting note taker at my place of employment.

  2. - Has tons of great tips!

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