Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cool ELI Classes to Consider for Fall

ELI offers lots of interesting and unique classes. As you're thinking about what you might want to take this fall, consider some of these cool options at ELI:
  • Beginning Chinese I (CHI 101)
  • Writing for the World Wide Web (ENG 123)
  • Mythology (ENG 257)
  • History of Latin American Civilizations I (HIS 231)
  • Elements of Astronomy (NAS 130)
  • Bio-Medical Ethics (PHI 227)
  • Introduction to Photography (PHT 100)
  • Psychology of Human Sexuality (PSY 165)
  • The Juvenile Justice System (ADJ 105)
  • Art in World Culture (ART 105)

These are just a few of the courses you can find at ELI this fall--look through the entire ELI section of the Schedule of Classes for more options, and don't forget that you can also take all your basic requirements, from English to math to lab science to physical education, through ELI as well.

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