Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blackboard Tip: Customize Your Portal Page

Did you know that the page you see when you log into your Blackboard account can be customized to show the features you most want to see, and in the layout you prefer to see them?

One thing you can do is click the circle with a line in it that appears on the top right of each box on the page. This will minimize that box (or module) so that you see only the green heading (that is, the top of the module, which shows its title) rather than the whole box. If you then want to see the contents of the box again, just click the circle again to maximize it.

You can also go further with your customization using the "Modify Content" and "Modify Layout" links at the top right of the page. Under "Modify Content," you can change what modules appear on your page (for example, maybe you want to add bookmarks, or a calculator, or different New Y0rk Times news headlines). Under "Modify Layout," you can change where each item appears on your page.

Try it out and see if it makes Blackboard a bit more useful for you!

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