Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Value of a NOVACard

Do you have a NOVA ID Card (or NOVACard) that shows you are a NOVA student? If you take all or primarily ELI courses, you may not have thought to get one. But if you live in the Northern Virginia area, it is well worth your while to stop by campus and get one! Why? Here are a few reasons:
  • Printing on campus requires use of the NOVACard (which you can load money on) or purchase of a more expensive guest card. If you ever use the campus library (where you might want to print a draft of a paper or a research article you've found for a project) or even just need to print your exam pass for an ELI test before going to a testing center, you definitely want to have your NOVACard handy!
  • Many vending machines on campus accept only NOVACard for payment.
  • You need your NOVACard to get free student access to the parking garages on some campuses.
  • You can get discounts as a NOVA student at various local venues by showing your NOVACard to prove you are a college student--or in some cases, certain stores and restaurants provide extra discounts just for NOVA students!

For more information on the NOVACard, click here.

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