Thursday, October 15, 2009

ELI Tip #8: How to find your ELI exam pass

Reminder: You cannot take an ELI exam at a NOVA Testing Center without an Exam Pass. Students will be turned away if they fail to present this important form. So, save yourself the hassle and print out exam passes for your courses as soon as you have the opportunity. Keep them in a safe spot until you are ready to take your exam. At the Testing Center, present the completed form for the corresponding test you are there to take, along with a valid photo-ID.

You can find your exam pass in one of two places...
  • Option 1: Log into your course via Blackboard and print it from the syllabus, or
  • Option 2: Go to, and click “Course Descriptions.” Find the appropriate subject, and then click on the Exam Passes link for your course.
Don’t have a printer? Printer access is available at any open computer lab on campus. Remember to allow extra time to get to the computer lab and start your test at least 90 minutes before the testing center closes. For more details about taking ELI exams, see this post.

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