Monday, November 30, 2009

Fun and useful iPhone apps

For those of you out there using iPhones and iTouches, let's share some tips with each other! What is your favorite app, whether for fun or for its usefulness (or for both)? Personally, my favorite for fun is the Facebook app, and for usefulness, I like What's On, which gives quick TV listings. What are your favorites?


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  2. Strange no one has commented at such an interesting blog post. My favorite apps are the Kindle book reader (as I don't have a Kindle, and Springer-Verlag has many math books available in the Kindle format), Good Reader (for PDF books), CourseSmart (ebooks for classes), WolframAlpha (costs a fortune but is very handy), LaTeX help (incredibly useful and free), MathRef (covers multiple arenas of mathematics and physics... the paid version is really worth it, and it includes some example problems along with useful formulas. Get it!), RK-89 (the TI-89 for the iPhone, under rapid development), and the Netter's Anatomy series and ChemTouch for chemistry class. Then, for personal reading, the free NYTimes app. There, those are all the apps I run on my iPhone--hope it helps a fellow NVCC student.

    Sorry, deleted my previous post as I had to edit it to correct a detail.

  3. Thanks Sara! Are these iphone apps free or do you have to purchase them?

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