Saturday, November 14, 2009

How Many Credits Should I Take?

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how many credits you can handle in a given semester, taking into account your other life responsibilities with work, family, leisure time, religious activities, and community work. As you decide which courses to take for spring, you might want to try filling out this form. It is a way to help you think realistically about how much time you have available for your classes, including how much time you need to set aside for each class you take in order to do well in it. Filling the chart out honestly can be a real eye-opener! It can be tempting to take lots of classes at once when you are eager to complete your degree or program, but you also want to be sure to plan appropriately so that you have the time necessary to succeed in those classes. Whether you need to cut back on classes, or cut back on other responsibilities to give yourself more time to study, planning ahead about how you'll manage your time will often be the key to your success. Good luck!

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