Monday, November 23, 2009

We have a winner!

Thanks to all of you who entered our scavenger hunt contest. We got lots of correct entries to put into our drawing--and last week, we randomly drew our winner, Elizabeth Eldreth. Congratulations, Elizabeth! We sent Elizabeth a prize pack full of ELI goodies. Keep your eye out for future contests so you can try to win your own prize pack!

Some of you mentioned that you'd like to know the answers to the scavenger hunt questions--which is great, because they are all about things that ELI students should know! The answers can all be found in past entries to the blog, but here's a quick review. For more information on any item, use the subject labels on the bottom right of the blog to find the past entry with all the details, and if you need any help, post a comment and we'll help you find what you need!

1. What are the benefits of having a NOVA ID Card?
  • cheaper price for printing on campus
  • using vending machines on campus that don't accept cash
  • access to parking garages at some campuses
  • get college student discounts at local businesses

2. What are two online services to provide writing assistance?

  • Smarthinking
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

3. What do you need to participate in one of ELI's free orientation or advising webinars?

  • a computer with internet access and speakers or headphones
  • sometimes, to register in advance

4. How can you find out what courses you need to graduate?

  • Run a degree progress report in NOVAConnect

5. What three items do you need to take an ELI exam at a NOVA testing center?

  • photo ID
  • Exam Pass
  • student ID number

6. How can you get research help from home?

  • Get online articles and research sources under "Articles and More" on the library homepage.
  • Use the "Ask a Librarian" feature of the library homepage.

7. Where can you find out what textbooks you need before you have access to your course in Blackboard?

  • Visit the ELI Course Information page for your course.
  • Look up your course on the Alexandria Campus Online Bookstore, which stocks all ELI books.

8. How can the Virginia Education Wizard help you plan for your future?

  • help you determine what career might be best for you
  • help you identify college majors that best prepare you for your chosen career
  • find colleges in Virginia that best meet your educational needs
  • help you estimate college costs and find financial aid
  • learn about transferring to a four-year college from NOVA

9. How can you learn more about Guaranteed Admissions to four-year colleges?

  • Visit the Guaranteed Admissions website.
  • Follow up with a NOVA counselor.

10. What is the purpose of ELI course deadlines?

  • To make sure you make steady progress in your course and learn the material well.

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