Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cool ELI classes for Spring 2010

We've been adding a lot of interesting new classes to ELI's offerings lately--and combined with our wide variety of other courses, you now have more choices than ever to find fascinating and enjoyable classes to fill your degree requirements, satisfy your personal interest, or help you explore a new career field. Here are some interesting courses you might want to consider selecting for your Spring schedule:
  • ADJ 105: The Juvenile Justice System
  • ARA 101: Beginning Arabic I
  • ART 116: Design for the Web I or ART 117: Design for the Web II
  • BUS 116: Entrepreneurship
  • CHD 145: Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children
  • ENG 257: Mythology
  • GIS 200: Geographical Information Systems (GIS) I
  • GOL 111: Oceanography I or GOL 112: Oceanography II
  • HIS 231: History of Latin American Civilizations I
  • NAS 125: Meteorology
  • NAS 130: Elements of Astronomy
  • REA 100: Principles of Real Estate
  • TRV 100: Introduction to the Travel Industry

Remember that you can always contact the ELI Counselors ( or 703-323-2425) if you have questions about which courses best fit your academic and career plans. We are here to help!

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