Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Greetings snowbound students!

NOVA continues to be closed Wednesday, Feb. 10, due to a massive snowstorm that has crippled the Northern VA area. If you're local and able to read this, you must still have electricity!

If you are concerned because you haven't been able to submit assignments or get to the testing center to take your exam by the deadline, don't worry. Most instructors have extended or suspended deadlines due to this extraordinary, once in a century storm.

Fortunately, most of your ELI coursework can be done from home. This is a great time to catch up on assignments and work ahead in your courses if you are able. We hope you all stay safe and warm until we can dig out from the snow and return to business as usual. Stay tuned to NOVA's web site for updates about closings.

In the meantime, we'd love to hear your snow stories. Tell us: how are you surviving snowmegaddon?



  2. I've been snowed in on a boat at National Harbor for the last 3 snow storms, and it's been quite the experience! The snow and ice from the top slid loudly from down the sides sounding like the sides were crashing in. The wind rocked it steadily, and we had leaks over our bedroom from drains being froze. Our water ran out, so digging a path up to the Marina was was crucial for a shower. We started getting on each others nerves, but other than that "It was beautiful! I am just glad to be going home tomorrow.

  3. @anonymous: What an awesome experience! How brave of you to stay on board through all that. I'm sure you'll never forget it. And a great story for the grandkids. Thanks for sharing. :)