Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ELI Tip #9: How to read the Schedule of Classes

Just like campus-based courses, each ELI course works differently, and requirements vary from course to course. The key is learning how to correctly read the codes and notes in the Schedule of Classes.
Important Note: While ELI is the primary division for online, distance learning courses, many campus' are also beginning to offer both online and hybrid courses. This can be confusing when searching for courses. The structure and format of campus-based online courses differs from those offered at ELI so it's important to distinguish one from the other before registering. As a rule, note that ELI courses are designated with the letter “E” before the course section number, for example, E86H, E87A, E90N, E88L, E93M, E95W. Campus-based courses, on the other hand, are coded with the number "0" before the section number, for example, 087W, 051L, 010A, etc.

Still have questions? Post a comment! We'll be highlighting more enrollment and registration issues in the next few weeks. For advice and help in choosing a class, contact ELI to speak with a counselor at 703-323-2425, or call ELI's hotline at 703-323-3347.

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