Thursday, March 4, 2010

Smarthinking Tip: Submit your writing

So, say you have a writing assignment due for your ELI course next week. Maybe you saw our recent post about the writing and research guides available from NOVA’s library website. But what you really need is more personalized, interactive, writing assistance. Ideally, you would meet with a tutor on campus, but for whatever reason, you just can’t get there. Time is ticking and you need help now. So, what do you do? Use Smarthinking!

Here's how it works: Once you complete a draft of your assignment, log in to Smarthinking and find the submit your writing feature. Along with your draft, you’ll need to provide a description of your assignment (the more detailed the better), its due date, and the type of assistance you need (introduction, transitions, organization, conclusion, references, etc.). You can even choose the type of tutor you would like to have reviewing your writing. Responses are typically provided in about 24 hours, and will appear in your Smarthinking Inbox under my file cabinet.

Here's an example of the in-depth, personalized response that students receive.

'Submit your writing' is only one of many features of Smarthinking. To log in and learn more about this fantastic service, visit ELI’s Smarthinking website.

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