Thursday, March 18, 2010

Transfer Tip #4: Know what transfers

We took a week off from Transfer Tips for Spring Break, but we're back this week with tip #4:
Know what actually transfers. Make sure you are picking courses that are transferable to colleges and universities. There are Web sites, tools, and advisers at both community colleges and universities to help you choose wisely.
Star Tip. Many states have "articulation agreements"—negotiated documents that make clear what's needed to transfer from one higher education institution to another. The benefit to you as a student is that the agreement takes the guesswork out of the process by telling you, in black and white, what classes you need to take and what grades you need to make to avoid losing hard-earned credits when you transfer. (Source)
In addition to NOVA's articulation and transfer agreements introduced in Transfer Tip #3, many public and private colleges and universities in Virginia and surrounding areas publish transfer admission information to help you determine appropriate transfer procedures and transfer course equivalencies. Refer to Transfer Admissions Information for links to institutions that have transfer resources available online.

If you plan to transfer to GMU, NOVA has a special transfer website to make this easier for you based on the program you want to pursue.

Remember, Summer 2010 registration begins March 30. Now is a great time for you to establish a transfer plan and begin selecting transferable courses. Contact an ELI counselor today and get your transfer plan under way!

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