Thursday, March 25, 2010

Transfer Tip #5: Don't be shy...

Prior transfer tips identified many resources to help you identify possible transfer options. Transfer Tip #5 encourages you to get out and make connections.
Don't be shy. Meet regularly with advisers at the community college. Keep your adviser informed of your transfer plans, and as transfer approaches, set a time to meet with an adviser at your target institution. If you try to navigate this process without the help of advisers, you might not be able to maximize your community college courses. (Source)
NOVA transfer counselors and advisers are an invaluable resource for navigating the transfer process. They can keep you informed of new programs, schools and transfer strategies and keep you focused towards your goals. If you haven't been assigned an adviser, contact ELI counselors who can refer you to the appropriate department on campus. Be sure to have your Program Advising Sheet handy when working with counselors and/or advisers.

Here are some more tips:
  • Attend Transfer Events: Admissions reps present at these events can connect you with advisers at your target institution.
  • Know College Terminology: It always helps to know these terms when speaking to advisers/counselors.
  • Read NOVA's Transfer Blog: The tips shared here will keep you in the know.
  • See Profiles of Successful Transfer Students: Understanding the process from a fellow students' perspective can be informative and motivating. If they can do it, so can you!

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