Monday, April 19, 2010

Bb Tip: Personalize Your Portal

Happy Monday morning ELIfers! Here are some more previews of Blackboard 9 and tips about personalizing the portal page from ELI's Instructional Design team:

You will log into Bb9 the same way that you log into Bb8, using the same user name and password. When you arrive at the portal page you will see two sub tabs:

  1. The NOVA tab lists your Blackboard Courses and any Organizations that you are enrolled in.
  2. The Notifications Dashboard is a handy summary of what’s new in your courses, including Needs Attention, Alerts, What’s New, and To Do.

You can change what’s on either the NOVA tab or the Notifications Dashboard tab by using the Add Module button:

By placing a check mark or removing a check mark from the box next to each possibility you can rearrange the content on your portal page.

You can also personalize the color scheme by using the Personalize button:

This is your portal page so organize it the way that works for you and make it as efficient as possible. One warning:  Don’t remove the My Blackboard Courses module or you won’t be able to get into your courses!

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