Friday, April 23, 2010

Transfer Tip #9: Attend orientation

Here's ELIfe's weekly transfer tip from Dr. Glenn DuBois:
Attend orientation. You might think that you do not need this because you already are a college student. But navigating the university is different. Take advantage of the opportunities that the universities have created for transfer students. These orientations will help ease the transfer process. (Source)
The purpose of orientation is to integrate you into the campus community - both academically and socially. Whether you transfer to an online or on-campus program, orientation gives you an opportunity to learn about services, understand the process of credit evaluations, meet with advisers from your intended major or field of study, obtain an ID card and parking permit, learn how to use the student information systems and schedule classes.

If you choose not to attend Transfer Orientation it will be your responsibility to contact your respective academic departments for times and dates that academic advisers are available and take care of other campus business on your own. Attending orientation helps you ensure a positive start at your new college and university with confidence in your new surroundings with other people in the same boat as you. This way, when classes start, you can truly focus on your course work.

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