Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Consoles, oh my!

This holiday season promises to be the biggest so far for game consoles…with gamers winning out. Whether you’re an Xbox-er, a Wii-er, or a Playstaion-er or a combo of all three, you will have plenty of new titles to choose from. Console companies are poised to give it all as the holiday season has descended upon us. Consumers will have an ever growing number of new bundle packs of which to choose, and the console makers have started to offer more bundles this year, in an attempt to spice up sales.

As the consoles make their way into the consumer market, you will have greater choice to get the games you want (already) bundled with your gaming platform of choice. According to CNET, the Xbox has been growing at a much faster rate, and the only to be selling more units over the 2009 year. The console makers hope that by bundling different software and hardware with their system and keeping prices at a “discount” (read: relatively same as without the bundling the year before) their sales might increase. For more on this story check out Gamasutra’s In-Depth: Console Hardware Trends In the Bundle Era.

The big winner this season has been Xbox’s Kinect, using cameras that allow users to interface directly with the Xbox. Well now we want to hear from you, the reader. What are your thoughts on the consoles, the games and the bundles being offered? Do you favor one over another?

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