Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Summer Humdrum

Hello! My name is Shannon. I am a NOVA student currently working on earning my A.A.S. degree in Early Childhood Development. My goal is to earn my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education to become a teacher. I actually had always planned on doing Business Management but while in high school I got to be a volunteer in a local school for the summer. The opportunity was something I will always be grateful for because I realized business was not my calling. For this post, I'd like to share some opportunities that could be waiting for you this summer.

By working and saving during the summer, by fall you can spend more time focused on school work instead of trying to work around your job schedule. If possible, try for a job related to your degree to get a better understanding of what you could be doing in your future.

Both are a great opportunity to meet people who share your interests and add experience to your proficiency. It also shows that you made a choice to spend your summer using your skills, intellect, and time to make a difference.

Enjoy - Students on financial aid do not get the chance to take classes they find appealing if it does not work towards their degree. If you can afford it, summer is a good time to sign up for a course that interests you.

Finish early - For those who would like to spend as little time as possible in school, summer courses are a good chance to get work done while there are less people and distractions around.

There is so much that can be done during summer. For more fun ideas, visit 10 Ways for College Students to Spend Summer.


  1. I agree with the ten ways to spend your college summer. This is my first year in college and surprisingly, i have the time to do all these things. So i guess it would be vise versa for me next year. But, i am taking summer courses not to rush it, but to spend my time more wisely. So why not take the courses i need.

  2. I have often wished I had taken the opportunity to internship in my professional field. There are so many things I changed about my educational goals after my first professional experience.

    I had a better sense of what information and skills were important, so I could focus on those more intesively even if the course I was taking just skimmed over the information lightly.

    I also could have taken an elective or two that would have been very helpful that I didn't even know was relevant until I had a chance to talk to people working in my field of study.