Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keeping the Bugs Away Naturally

Is this summer leaving you with a string of insect bites that you didn’t recognize prior to the start of summer? How often do you schedule a backyard barbecue, only to find that the majority of you and your guests’ time is spent swatting mosquitoes? The most obvious choice to keep the bugs away is bug spray, but if you want to avoid the chemicals, below are some natural options for preventing those pesky visitors from ruining your outdoor summer events.

• Rosemary, lavender, catnip and citronella are good natural alternatives for driving insects away. Pulverizing the leaves and keeping them nearby will help prevent mosquitoes from creeping up on you while you are fixing dinner in the kitchen. Another option is to put lavender oil on your wrists or behind your ears to decrease your chances of getting bit.

• Plant-based sprays are a natural alternative to sprays like “Off”. Look for one with Eucalyptus oil and lavender.

• Light Citronella candles; the scent deters bugs from ruining your social outing and outdoor evening meal while enhancing the outdoor atmosphere by creating a natural glow and ambience.

• Use a plant-based soap or body wash; these are known to naturally keep insects away.

• Finally, pay particular attention to the colors you are wearing. Dark colors attract mosquitoes, so avoid black and dark browns if you plan on attending an outdoor summer affair.

• When it comes to ground insects such as tics and chiggers, mowing your lawn regularly will facilitate the migration of bugs to higher grasses and out of your hair! Additionally, applying mountain mint powder on your clothing will help keep these critters away from descending and staying on you.

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