Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Must-Have Apps, Part 4: Other Apps We Think You’ll Like

By now, we’ve covered a lot of apps that provide cool utilities. You’ve seen productivity apps, music apps, and photography apps. But there are still some interesting apps that can help you on the go—many major companies are developing apps to help you use what you already love, on your mobile device! Check out the apps below:
MapQuest- This app offers spoken turn-by-turn directions that can almost replace a standalone GPS. The best part-- it’s free! Available for the IPhone, Android phones, and Blackberry phones.
Netflix- Netflix has really become one of the best options for instant, streaming movies. The Netflix app works with IPhones, IPads, IPod Touch, and Android phones too. You can stream movies directly to your device, and even show them on your television with a simple adapter. This app is also free, but you have to pay for Netflix service. Get it for the IPhone, and Android phones.
Starbucks- The ever-popular coffee house chain, Starbucks, have released a few versions of their app. The myStarbucks app for IPhone has everything you need to know about their drinks and coffees, and helps you find the nearest location, while the Starbucks Card Mobile app for the IPhone, Android, and Blackberry is basically a replacement for your Starbucks card—you can access your account and even pay for your order with your phone! The app produces a unique barcode that the barista can scan. All versions of the Starbucks app are free. Get them for the IPhone, Android phones, and Blackberry phones.
Kindle- You can read anywhere with Amazon’s Kindle app. If you’ve purchased eBooks through Amazon before, you’ll be able to download your books instantly and start reading. The best thing about this app? Your bookmarks and the last page that you’ve read will sync across all devices with this app. Available for free for the computer(PC & Mac), IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad, Android phones, BlackBerry phones, and Windows Phone 7.
Facebook- The Facebook app is probably one of the most popular apps to date. Now you can check Facebook on the fly and keep up with all the latest events in your social life. This app is available for the IPhone, IPod Touch, IPad, Android phones, and BlackBerry phones.

So now that you’ve seen all the Must-Have Apps that we’ve suggested, what do you think? Are there any apps out there that you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hey guys you can also download the Future Scheduler app(paid), it's pretty cool.