Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Class I Want is Full!!!

Is one of the classes you had your heart set on taking this fall semester full? Did you know some classes at NOVA offer a waitlist? The waitlist will enable you to put your name in a queue and if a spot becomes available, students on the wait list will gain entrance to the class on a first-come-first-served basis.

This video shows you how to identify if the class you are interested in has a waitlist and how to sign up.

A few things to be mindful of:
• If you are on a wait list for a class, you will not be charged tuition for the class until you become enrolled.
• Classes for which you are wait listed are NOT counted for the purpose of Financial Aid or for credit for anyone required to attend full time.

You cannot use the wait list if ...
• If you have a class conflict, have reached your 18 credit maximum, are already enrolled in another section of the class or you are repeating the class, you will not be moved from the wait list to the class.
• If you are on a wait list for a class but are not eligible to be enrolled for one of the reasons stated above, the system will enroll the next eligible student. You will remain on the wait list but will not be enrolled.
• Class sections that require DEPARTMENT CONSENT will not use the WL functionality.
• You cannot get on a wait list if you do not have the prerequisite, if you have a Hold, or if a wait list is not available.
• You cannot get on a wait list if the wait list is full.

If there is no waitlist for the course you are interested in or if there is a waitlist and it is full, contact your faculty advisor or counselor to discuss other options for course recommendations. They can help you identify courses that will fit in with your current course load and also count towards your graduation and transfer requirements. Our ELI counseling team is also available to answer your questions.

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