Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting Back to Nature

Did you know this year is the 75th anniversary of the Virginia State Parks?  In honor of this anniversary many events are being planned at parks throughout the state.  
Enjoy participating in triathlons?  Why not consider participating in the New River Trail Challenge Triathlon at Forest Falls?  The triathlon begins with a 40-mile mountain-bike ride followed by a 12-mile kayak stage, and concludes with a half marathon.  Learn more at
Enjoy geocaching  (or going on a scavenger hunt)?  Why not participate in the 75th Anniversary Geocaching Adventure game?  Here’s how the game works – “Geocaches containing Virginia State Parks history cards unique to each park have been stashed in all state parks.  Collect a card each from five parks to get a special prize.  There are prizes at the 10-park, 20-park and all-parks levels, too.”  Learn more at
Many more activities can be found at parks throughout the state.  View a complete list of events, search for a specific type of event, or find events at a park near you at

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