Monday, January 2, 2012

Are you ready for the Semester?

In this week before the Spring Semester begins, it is a great time to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and socially for your classes.  Over the next four days, our student blog will help guide you to prepare the areas of your life so that they will be support you as you gain your education.  Students who are successful in their coursework are often the ones who have a clear idea of why they are taking classes in the first place and what they hope to gain from completing them.  They plan out the time in their schedule that they intend to spend on their coursework in advance.  They recruit friends and family to support them in their education goals and provide cheerleading when the semester gets into its tougher periods.  Often, they set aside their own ‘classroom’ area where they will do the work of the course.  All of these work together to support good habits that will help you succeed in an online course.  Over the next four days, we will focus on one of these strategies and how you might implement it in your own life.

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