Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get the people around you to help

Now that you have your “class times” mapped out on your schedule, recruit the people around you to help you keep your commitments. Share your reasons for taking your classes with your friends, parents, children, and/or spouse. Let them know what times you have committed to studying and encourage them to help you keep your schedule. If they ask how they can help, suggest that they can remind you of your study times if you forget, or encourage you to study if you want to procrastinate. Ask them to avoid distracting you during these periods and remind them of your schedule if they have forgotten. If they benefit from your longtime education goals, remind them of what they gain from helping you succeed and encourage them to become partners with you by cheering you on when you have completed your assignments for the week. Ask them to listen to you when you get a good grade on an assignment or test and want to share the news with them and be congratulated. (Make sure to praise them in return for any support they have given you while you completed those assignments!) These little things can really make the difference when you are trying to succeed in a class.

You can also communicate with one of ELI’s success coaches at for encouragement and support. They are available to cheer you on, or troubleshoot how to deal with the individual in your life who tries to distract you from your studies, or help you work out problems that arise while you are taking online classes at NOVA. The support of family, friends, and colleagues will make your time in school much more pleasant and rewarding.

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