Friday, February 24, 2012

Planning an Educational Work experience for the Summer

Many students choose not to take classes during the summer months and put their full-time and energy towards working. If this is an approach you intend to take, an internship or employment experience can be extremely helpful to you by providing a context in which to use the skills and critical thinking you are mastering during you college coursework.

NOVA has several resources to support students in preparing for and locating job opportunities that can provide a rich environment for skill practice and mastery. Some of these are:

1. NOVA’s Cooperative Education and Internship Program—a program that allows you to gain credit and work experience by working in a co-op or internship related to your field of study. The first step in getting started in a cooperative education or internship is to read the program’s handbook. For more information, check out the Co-op and Internship program web page.

2. NOVA WORKS: A Cooperative Education and Internships Database.

3. Student Lingo: To help you secure an internship once you have located the right one, NOVA offers free Student Lingo workshops for NOVA students focusing on creating resumes and writing cover letters. Register for a workshop by visiting Student Lingo’s registration page and entering your name and listing Northern Virginia Community College as your school.

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