Monday, September 24, 2012

Quizlet: A new way to study on the go.

Are there times where you are waiting in line or sitting on the Metro and wish you had your study materials to cram in just a few minutes of study time? As a student, your time is precious. You might feel like finding the opportunity to get in quality study time is difficult. Quizlet can help you squeeze in quality study time any time you have a chance!

Quizlet is an online learning tool that takes electronic flash cards and studying to a whole new level. You can create your own flash cards or access more than 6 million user generated flashcards in just about every subject imaginable. Finding what you are looking for is easy, browse by subject or enter your keywords into the search box.

There are several different ways to study with Quizlet. Flashcard Mode allows you to study your material like you would with traditional flashcards but Quizlet allows you to take advantage of the option of having the term and definition on the front or split front and back. You can also shuffle, randomize or listen to your flashcards with audio. Speller Mode tests your memory by having you type the word as you hear it. Learn Mode allows you to type in the term when challenged with the definition. It also keeps track of your correct and incorrect answers and will retest you on those that you’ve missed. Take advantage of Test Mode's self generating random tests complete with true and false, fill in the blank and matching sections to challenge your knowledge. You can also use the competitive games Quizlet offers to help you learn and retain your material. Scatter and Space Race will make it easy for you to study and hard for you to stop!

Another exciting feature is the text to audio capability. By pressing the speaker icon the term or definition will be read aloud. This is great for auditory learners and an amazing study aid for those learning a foreign language. Quizlet currently offers text to audio in 18 languages ranging from Chinese to Romanian.

Being an online student can make arranging study groups a challenge. Quizlet allows you to create groups to share and discuss flashcards. No more trying to coordinate with 8 different people to find a day and time to study that works for everyone.

There are more than 50 mobile apps for Quizlet for nearly every type of SMART phone. Quizlet makes studying fun and accessbile nearly anywhere. This quick demo video will show you all Quizlet has to offer. Give Quizlet a try and let us know what you think!

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