Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Google Translate

Are you an international student who often comes across English words that you don’t know but wish to learn their meanings in your native language? Are you an American student who would like help writing an assignment for your German, French, or Spanish class? Well, Google Translate could be your solution. It not only translates words; it also translates paragraphs or entire passages.

Google Translate is Google’s free online language translation service.  It supports about 40 languages. You can go to the Google Translate site simply by typing in “Google Translate” in a Google search box. (You can also find it by clicking the "More" link along the top left once you log into your student email account.)

Once you are on the Google Translate site, you can enter any text that you want to translate into any of the 40 languages. All you need to do is to enter the text you want to translate in the blank box, click the drop-down arrow to find your target language, and then click the Translate button to translate it. (See the image below.)

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