Friday, March 23, 2012

Looking for Inspiration? A Few Helpful Tips

Whatever the reason, be it tough economic times, unforeseeable life changes or juggling multiple demands, if you are in need of inspiration in your life, tuning in to your strengths and reminding yourself of your talents can go a long way. See below for strategies that may help invoke inspiration, whether you are juggling too many responsibilities, going through a very stressful time or in the throes of making life changing decisions.

• Maintain a positive attitude even when others are not nice. Keeping a calm presence in the face of irritability from friends and family may not only rub off on others, but will prevent you from getting unnerved and keeping your stress level on an even keel.

• Inner mastery of solving a problem is good practice for success when the next project approaches. Whatever you are facing now, whether it is learning to manage your time more effectively to dealing with a difficult loss can pave the way for sufficient coping skills when a similar challenge arises. Although you may be thinking it is difficult to get through, know that in the end, it is preparing you for similar issues or even opportunities that challenge you to look inward for inner strength.

• Find your inner endurance. To endure means to press on in the face of fatigue, frustration and stress. It is the perseverance that helps you achieve your goals in the face of internal or external obstacles. Once you have aligned yourself with your endurance, you know you can carry on toward the finish line and keep the momentum to achieve your short and long term goals.

• Constant rushing can upset the sense of inner balance and calm you need to make sound decisions and maintain inner balance when faced with unanticipated stressors. To prevent excess hurrying, look for ways to plan ahead such as listening to the traffic report in the morning and planning your departure time accordingly so you can be on time for that important meeting.

• When you are faced with a major challenge or life changing decision, retreat when necessary. Taking time to pull back and surrender to your concerns for awhile can help you in making objective decisions and appropriate choices, especially when it is an unforeseen event or decision that might impact your future. Retreating promotes tuning into your resources to achieve a well thought out plan that you are confident in.

• Create certainty in your future goals. This quote is of particular inspiration and highly original: “Waiting should not be mere empty hoping; it should be filled with the inner certainty of reaching your goals.” If you are waiting for a miracle to occur, turn it into a goal, record your reflections in a journal and transform it into a certain future that you know you want to achieve.

• Cultivate your inner talents on a regular basis. They are the inner positive energy that drives you toward your goals and keeps you percolating at a maximum rate. Take a class or get involved in a project that utilizes your inner gifts.

• Knowing the tools that keep you mentally, physically and spiritually healthy will keep you determined and enhance the inner endurance that you need to overcome a challenging situation or major life change. In addition, these tips will increase your self reliance and sense of empowerment.

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