Tuesday, March 20, 2012

YouTube EDU

Did you know that YouTube has a special "edu" section where colleges and universities from across the country post videos? You can find neat stuff there, from musical and dance performances to brief lectures from noted scholars around the country to commencement addresses and interviews with students.

The site can be entertaining, but it could also be useful if you are looking for resources to help you with class projects--for example, if you're taking a business class, why not visit YouTube EDU and look at what you can learn from the videos posted by Harvard Business School? Or, are you looking for inspiration for a project in an art or design class? Watch videos where other students share their ideas and projects to help you brainstorm. Are you taking a speech communication class and want to see good examples (and bad examples!) of public speaking? Listen to recent commencement speakers, like Michelle Obama at the University of California, or Brad Delson (of Linkin Park) at UCLA, at practice critiquing them.

What other ways could you use the videos you find on YouTube EDU?

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