Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Virtual Student Union

Here at ELI, we’re proud to introduce VSU!  VSU stands for Virtual Student Union, and if you’re an ELI student, you have premier access to this brand new site!  This online site has been built to help keep ELI students connected outside of their courses. Using the VSU, you can start online clubs, get study help, discuss life and topics of interest with fellow students, and also hang out!  Here are some of the Virtual Student Union’s features: 

Discussion Den: This part of the site has all sorts of features geared towards online students. Check out the Discussion Den to talk to other students about study topics, share recipes, discuss current events, and so much more.

The Quad: In the quad, you can start an online club in the Club Hub, listen to music with other students in the Music Lounge, or play free online games in the Game Center.  Keep checking The Quad for updates, as we’ll soon have a Fantasy Sports feature.

Newsroom: The Newsroom is your center for all campus news.  We have links to  ELife, ELI’s Student  Blog here, as well as the ELI Bulletin Board. Don’t forget to check out the NOVA Fortnightly and the NOVAChronicle, as both are written by NOVA students.

Events: Keep checking our Events calendar to find out about our next webinar or live event.  We will post all upcoming webinars here, including times and registration links.  You will also be able to check out club meetings or ELI specific events here too!

To get access to all areas of the site, you will need to sign-up by clicking “Connect!”, then “Register” on the VSU homepage.  Once you’re registered, feel free to update your profile and connect to the Virtual Student Union.


  1. This sounds very interesting and i will be looking into this! thank you

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