Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Use a GPA Calculator to help set goals for next semester's grades!

Have you thought about setting a goal for the GPA you would like to have at the end of this semester or when you graduate from NOVA? This is a great time to see where you are at and decide on the grades you would like to earn in each of your classes. You can use a GPA calculator to see how your future potential grades can impact your overall GPA. Knowing what you really want to earn in each course can help you stay motivated throughout the semester, especially when you are aware of how each grade can impact your GPA.

If you have questions or need guidance in addressing course selection and working to improve your GPA please contact our counseling team here at ELI. They are more than happy to work with you by phone or email. You can reach them by calling 703-323-2425 or by sending an email to elicounselors@nvcc.edu. If you choose to correspond by email be sure to include your NOVA student ID number in your message.

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