Thursday, July 5, 2012

Online Publisher Resources: Support for Text Anxiety and Content Review

Do you suffer from text anxiety or become frustrated when you try to study?  To conquer these fears and improve your study skills, one of the many resources you can consider utilizing is the textbook publisher website. The publisher websites often coordinate with your class textbook and serve as a valuable online resource to reinforce and enhance your study experience. 

As they integrate technology with learning, online publisher websites compliment your textbook and serve as comprehensive study guides.  They offer many resources to help reinforce and master course content. Most of the online publisher resources, which are referenced throughout your textbook, offer a variety of review options to help address all learning styles.  Depending on the text and publisher, the website may include:

·       Links to informational websites and speeches
·       Section summaries/outlines restating main points
·       Online examples linking content ideas to speeches, organizations and more
·       Flash cards
·       Sample quizzes/tests and answers

As you tap into this excellent resource, be prepared to replace your test fears and study reviews with competence and confidence.  Check out this example and click on the Study Space Student website link.  After your review, consider incorporating these online resources into your study routine. If you are skeptical and feel that they are a waste of time, resolve to give them a try.  As you participate with practice tests and explore the references you may discover that you will thrive. Not only will you achieve the grade that you are hoping for, but you may also gain heightened enthusiasm for the topic!
If you are looking for additional resources to enhance your study routine, ELI Success Coaches are available to assist you with resources that will help you meet your goals and achieve success in your academic career. For more information, please email us at

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