Monday, July 9, 2012

Study on the go with electronic flashcards!

You may be taking a summer course but also have vacation plans lined up. Are you worried about lugging around stacks of flashcards and remembering to study? There are a variety of flashcard apps available for nearly every type of Smartphone on the market. Many of the apps have existing flashcards you can search through to find a set that already meets your needs and most allow you to create your own as well. Having your flashcards ready to study right on your phone allows you to study anywhere!
Check out this link for all 159 flashcard apps available for IPads and IPhones. 
Have a Windows phone? Kleio is a popular flashcard app.
Are you an Android user? Flaschard Maker Pro is an award winning app!

Check out these additional mobile resources to help you make the most of technology and your time. Happy studying!

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