Monday, October 29, 2012

Financial Wellness

This Wellness Wednesday focuses on Financial Wellness. Do you ever wonder to yourself where your money goes each month? Have you ever tried tracking your spending to find out? You might be surprised with the answer. According to a recent Wall Street publication, the number one expense that Americans spend money on is dining out (article referenced here.)
If you are considering tracking your expenses, a great free resource that helps you track your monthly spending is This website not only helps you track your spending but helps you create goals if you are looking to reduce spending in certain areas (food, entertainment ect..)
Money can often be a very stressful topic for many individuals and spending is different for every person/family so you need to make sure that when you’re looking to reduce spending, look at what make sense for you and your needs.
This article is also a great resource. Once you have identified where you feel your spending could be reduced, this article gives simple strategies you can follow to begin that process.   

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