Monday, October 22, 2012

Smart Goals & Physical Wellness

As we continue to promote wellness this month, lets focuses on Physical Wellness! One great thing to do to stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle is Goal Setting!

If you have something that you want to do, get SMART with your goals. For example: "I am going to work out this week" can become "I will walk for 30 minutes after dinner on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday."

The SMARTer you get with your goals; the more you set yourself up for success!

For example:

"I exercise because I want to _______________."

Today, give some thought to your reasons for exercising/staying active.
*Are you interested in simply losing weight or do you want to build strength as well?
*Do you have a specific goal, like running your first 5K, benching a certain weight, or doing a pull-up?
*Want to lower your health risk and improve your quality of life (e.g decrease frequent aches/pains, feel lighter on your feet)

Knowing your goals, and gearing your activities toward them, helps ensure that your workouts satisfying AND successful in their outcomes.

Here is a great article on creating personal goal setting and how to be realistic when you want to achieve SMART goals! 

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