Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keeping Warm This Winter

As we approach the ice on the trees and cold mornings, braving the cold can be daunting sometimes.  However, we can still keep our spirits up using the following “stay warm” tips:

• Take a trip to somewhere warm and sunny.  Just because it isn’t summertime doesn’t mean you can take an adventure to somewhere warm and relaxing.  Take a long weekend or plan on visiting Florida or California with family as the Thanksgiving or Winter holidays approach.

• Watching a yule log is rumored to provide warmth and comfort in and of itself; you can probably find a video of a burning yule log on youtube or if you have a fireplace, buy one and take in all of the warmth in generates on a freezing cold day!

• Cuddle up with a pet or wrap a warm blanket around you as you sip hot tea and watch the snow fall.  Add a good book or movie and you are ready for the perfect “staycation.”

• Be good to your feet by wearing some soft, cozy socks.  Try socks made of wool or cashmere to keep your feet extra warm.

• Fix some hot tea or cocoa and watch the water heat up and take in the soothing aroma as you prepare for inner warmth and relaxation.  Hot soup is also a healthy choice.

• Visit the sauna of your local gym or try a steam room at a spa.  This is another soothing method for keeping your body warm; you will have that extra warmth as protection for embarking on the cold outdoors.

• Joining an exercise group or engaging in regular exercise is a great way to keep your circulation going to help keep you warm during the chilly months.

The good news is that all of the above remedies are good for you and can keep your blood circulating in the cold, winter months; keep these tips in mind as you prepare for the upcoming days of winter.  For more information on this topic, visit this link


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  3. Good suggestions. These are especially true. Haha. Some of them are only useful if you have spare time though. I think a long term investment would be good heating equipment. Might I suggest getting a furnace? Make sure you get a good brand though as some brands are really prone to constant breaking down and might turn out to be a lemon in the long run.

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  4. What a great read! Aside from checking your heaters at home, these simple steps will be a lot helpful in keeping you warm during wintertime. I hope your readers follow these steps. Thanks for sharing! :)

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