Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Stop a Black Friday Breakdown in Its Tracks

Black Friday can be a great time get some holiday shopping out of the way, but it can also be a crazy time that can cause a lot of stress if you let it.  Here are some strategies that you can use to prevent letting the rigors of Black Friday like overspending and burnout get to you:

• Have a plan.  Write down the items that you plan to buy and the cost of each to prevent wandering aimlessly from store to store and potentially spending too much on unplanned purchases.

• Bring a friend with you to intervene when you feel tempted to buy something that you hadn’t planned on and spend more than you had anticipated.

• If you are really planning to tackle Black Friday with gusto and spend many hours shopping to get the best deals, be sure you eat healthy meals and are well rested before you take on this hectic adventure!

• Look for small boutiques and stores where the crowds might be less and the prices, cheaper.  You might surprise yourself to find what you need as far as gifts without having to get lost in the typical hustle and bustle scene that Black Friday brings.

• If you value spending time with your family during Thanksgiving and can schedule your shopping for another time or do your shopping online, enjoy the time with your family and bask in the joy of roasting marshmallows together and preparing leftovers for the week ahead!

If you plan ahead with the right agenda and resources, Black Friday can be less stressful than you planned.  Or, you can choose to live in the moment and spend quality time together with your family, whatever your preference.  Either way, this time of year can be fun and energizing depending on how you prepare for it.

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