Thursday, January 10, 2013

Raising Your Happiness Level in the New Year

If you are looking for new ways to be happy in the coming year, the answers may surprise you as it’s not the most obvious ones like perfect health and buckets of money.  Keep the following life enhancing goals in mind as you are searching for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow:

• Identify a cause or hobby that you feel particularly strongly about and engage in an activity to support it.  It might be something simple such as exercising more or volunteering at a shelter where you are helping people on a regular basis.

• Create anticipation wherever possible.  To stay motivated, create moments where you have something enjoyable and exciting to look forward to.   Anticipation and excitement bring excitement.
• Find someone to share your good news with.  It’s always great to have a friend or family member to share in good news or growth in an area of your life.  It enhances the joy that you derive from the situation.

• Keep a journal and record those times when you felt especially happy about something.  Record the physical feelings and feelings of excitement that accompanied the situation.  Note the environment you were in.  In those moments when you hit a low point, refer to the example that you journaled about to remind yourself that happiness is possible.

When it comes to keeping happy in the new year, it only takes three things: find something you are passionate about and keep busy, create situations where you anticipate a fun and exciting adventure and find a person to share your joy with, plain and simple!

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