Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Final Exams: Start Preparing Now!

Between final projects, papers and preparing for exams, finals can be a stressful time. By beginning finals preparations earlier rather than later, you can save yourself from unneeded stress and anxiety.

These tips can help you pull together all of the resources you already have, and allow you to make the most of your time leading up to final exams.

  • Now is the perfect time to take a look at all of your classes and what you have left to complete. Do you have a final project or paper, both? To make the most of your time and to make sure you aren’t left scrambling at the very end of the semester to turn in all of your assignments, make a list of everything left you have to complete. Take your list and schedule time for each item on a calendar making sure to allow for enough time to complete each task. Also include time to review previous material to help prepare for your final exam.
  • Instead of rushing and stressing at the very end of the semester, taking the time to map out what you have left to complete and when you have time to work on can help you keep a steady pace working towards the end of the semester. This will likely alleviate some of those panicky and stress filled moments many students experience as finals approach.

  • Communicate with your classmates now to see if others are interested in studying together as a group.  Organizing the study group now will allow everyone to find time in their schedule. Finding a place that is convenient for everyone to meet to study can be a challenge.  Save gas and travel time by taking advantage of virtual meeting spaces like Google Hangouts.

  • Find out what type of exam will your final be. Will it be comprehensive or only test you on the most recent material you have covered? Will the exam contain mulitple choice, fill in the blank or essay questions? Knowing what material will be covered in the exam and the format of the test will also be helpful when strategizing how to study.

  • Review, review, review! Review notes, chapter summaries, outlines, study guides, flashcards, worksheets and previous exams and quizzes. These are sources where potential questions on your final exam can be found. You already have these resources at your disposal, start refreshing your memory now!

  • Beginning your finals preparations early will also allow you ample time to ask your instructor any questions that you might have. Your instructor will appreciate your questions now instead of frantic phone calls and emails at the last minute when they may be very busy and not able to dedicate as much time to your inquiry.

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