Thursday, May 23, 2013

Course Syllabus: A Guide to Course Empowerment and Success

Do you read your course syllabus from beginning to end?  How many times has your professor communicated, ‘it’s in the syllabus’?  It may not read like a novel; however, thoroughly reading your syllabus and addressing questions at the beginning of the semester, will empower you from the first to the last day of class!  
Your course syllabus serves as a contract between you and your instructor. This is such an important document that to reinforce it, some professors may require you to, sign, acknowledging that you have read the syllabus. Others may even give a quiz or organize group discussions.

If you have a concerns or questions about assignments, check your syllabus and you may find the answer.  It will tell you how to get an A.  It will help you manage your time by enabling you to map out and plan your projects, assignments and quiz/test dates.  In addition to providing your professor’s contact information and office hours, it might even provide resources to help you study and learn more about the discipline.

Empower yourself and take responsibility by reading your syllabus.  If you have questions about your syllabus or if you would benefit from additional help, ELI Success Coaches are available to assist you. For more information, please email us at

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