Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Exercises That Reduce Stress

What better way to unwind and/or start your day right than to engage in some exercises that are known to relieve stress? You are probably already aware of these types of exercises; in case you need a refresher and a reason to engage in their benefits, listed below are the types of exercise along with their stress-relieving qualities.

If you haven’t signed up for a yoga class, it might be a good idea to check out your local gym. Yoga is proven to improve focus, reduce blood pressure. It helps you practice new postures that enhance concentration and promotes relaxation through deep breathing techniques. Ashtanga, vinyesa, and Bikram are more athletic varieties, while Hatha yoga is more easygoing and focuses more specifically on reducing stress.

Tai Chi is a type of exercise that involves focusing on the present moment while enhancing flexibility and improving mood. It involves a meditative focus and connects types of physical exercises to specific breathing patterns. It also is known to improve balance, promote better sleep and enhance cardiovascular functioning. In contrast to yoga, there are no pauses between poses. It is similar to yoga in that the exercises vary in intensity.

Qigong is another type of exercise that is similar to Tai Chi and Yoga that incorporates very slow movement with associated breathing patterns.

Walking on a regular basis can not only reduce stress but also improve your confidence in your sense of well being. It releases muscle tension and relaxes breathing. It is recommended that you start with two 10 minute walks; then, gradually increase your walking duration to five or six 30 minute walks. Frequent walking can lower your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and lower your cholesterol.

Pilates is a series of exercises that focuses on alignment and lessens back and neck pain. It is similar to yoga as it focuses on performing the exercises while living in the moment, thereby reducing worry.

Tennis is another useful exercise and sport for reducing stress since it has the added bonus of working with a partner and therefore keeps you socially connected. It is also great for your cardiovascular system; additionally, this sport stave off heart disease and high blood pressure.

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  1. What a great post,thank you for sharing.
    I have always been a very athletic person while growing up. I did three sports in high school and while I was pregnant I still ran/jogged everyday right up untill my due date. There is just something about a good work out that makes the day so much more enjoyable. I wish more americans wanted to do something to help better themselves. It could be what saves half of them. It is sad that so many children are following their parents steps and not becoming active. America needs to realize that we can stop this obese crisis but it starts with one step!

  2. I agree with the writer above this post was a good one. I myself never had the opportunity to do sports until high school but when I did I realized I enjoyed track and was good at it. Running is such a great way to keep the body in shape. I have had ups and downs with exercising but I have gotten a lot better lately because I am determined to keep my body in tiptop shape. One thing I do want to get in to though is yoga. I workout and that relieves stress but I think if I added Yoga to the mix I would be even more calm and relaxed day to day. Yoga also is great to stretch the body and take it to new heights and that is something that I would love to do knowing that i enjoy going above and beyond. I just wish everyone were concerned with their health because they do not realize that their medical bills are going to cost them more then if they just get a gym membership and make the necessary steps to keep in shape and be healthy.

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