Monday, June 24, 2013

Managing Your Schedule This Summer

If you have ever taken summer classes in the past, you know it can be a major hurdle to squeeze everything you need to do, from homework assignments and exams, to the leisurely summer activities that you enjoy into one condensed semester.  Below are some tips to keep in mind as you prepare for a fast, yet fun schedule ahead:

• Be sure to make time to get outside, either by getting up a little earlier in the morning and going for a power walk or making time at the end of your day to get out and enjoy the sun.  Vitamin D from the sun is great for renewing your energy during a busy week.

• Don’t overbook yourself.  With summer classes occurring in a more condensed format, it is best not to overload yourself with too many activities or too many classes.  You don’t want to feel like you blinked your eyes and suddenly, summer is over due to a frenzy of activity!

• Make time to spend with close friends and relatives.  With the warmer weather, people are more inclined to want to get together for a walk or ice-cream.  Take advantage of the long days and use this time to reconnect with meaningful friendships and relationships.

• Plan your vacation early.  Even if you don’t plan on taking a vacation until mid to late summer, make sure you know when and how much time you will need to plan in advance.  If you start feeling super stressed, think of your upcoming vacation that will serve as a relaxing getaway.

• Allow time for reflection on your long term goals such as when you plan to graduate, what career you are seeking or if you plan on changing careers.  If possible, find a quiet place outside where you can contemplate your next steps in the long term scheme of things. 

• Plan ahead as much as possible, so that when classes are in full swing, you will be aware of your long term plans since you will have them mapped out where you can look ahead to the next week or month and know what is coming up.

The semester moves fast in the summer, so you’ll need to buckle down and plan out what assignments are due and when.  The earlier you do this the better.  In the midst of all of the craziness, be sure to make time for some summer fun and relaxation.

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